Where to Buy Your Trees and Seeds in Costa Rica?

Where to Buy Your Trees and Seeds in Costa Rica?

By Scott Gallant

This article was originally published at the Porvenir Design blog.

Ever have a challenging time finding your favorite plant in Costa Rica? Or wonder where to get supplies for a new greenhouse? What about organic pesticides? 


After nearly a decade working in country, our team has compiled a comprehensive list of nurseries, seed banks, botanical gardens, and farm/garden suppliers. In the past we shared this document with students and clients, but with our new website we have the means to make it available to the all the gardeners, landscapers, and farmers in country!

For a PDF copy of our Costa Rica Resource Packet, just sign up for our blog and the download link will be sent your way.

We try and keep the list updated and are always looking for additions. If we are missing anything or anyone, please let us know!


The Porvenir Design Team