Community Impact

Since 2001 we have been developing and running our project and business with the intention that it provides benefits to our local community and helps to promote positive community development. Most of the finances that we currently bring in through out work remain in our community in the form of employee salaries and health care coverage and payments to local suppliers for the purchases of local goods like agricultural products and building supplies. We are the largest employer and consumer of agricultural goods in our community. 

In 2004 we founded the Mastate Charitable Foundation (MCF), a small US-based non-profit that has financed numerous community projects over the years.  Between our work at the Ranch and MCF, we have been working diligently to be good neighbors doing good work. 

Following are some examples of the Ranch's and MCF's community work. 

Positive Community Impact and Development

  • Organized and funded 6 spay and neuter clinics that succeeded in fixing and providing medications and transportation for 400 local cats and dogs.

  • Fundraised for and built a timber frame Community Learning and Sharing Center (library) located in the center of town using local labor and materials.

  • Funded and installed 18 solar arrays for local people living far from the grid that could not afford electricity.

  • Built and donated four solar cookers to local families

  • Built a cob oven for a local family and two rocket stoves for two other families.

  • Replaced 4 roofs on low-income houses in our community that were affected by a severe wind storm.

  • Funded the construction and installation of new windows, the floor and the entrance for the local Community Center.

  • Purchased boxes and bee suits for a local beekeeping cooperative.

  • Planted thousands of trees throughout the community.

  • Support the local restaurant, carver, chocolate farm, Spanish school and other businesses by purchasing their goods and encouraging our guests to patronize these businesses.

  • Built a house and brought water to a family in the neighboring town of San Miguel.

  • Fundraised thousands of dollars  for the local government.


  • Organized and sponsored 6 essay contests that have sent 25 local students and adults on educational trips throughout the country.

  • Built and donated new chalkboards for the high school.

  • Paid for a new electrical installation at the local high school.

  • Donate gas for the mowing of the elementary school yard throughout the year.

  • Built and/or donated a bench, chalkboards,  a playground structure and a small hangout space for/to the  local elementary school.

  • Taught English in the elementary school.

  • Donated a number of computers to the local elementary school and library.

  • Provided a scholarship to a young local girl who graduated from college.

  • Facilitated a trip for one local young adult to participate in a series of renewable energy workshops in Washington State.

  • Donated hundreds of books to the local elementary school and library.

  • Sanded and painted the elementary school desks.

  • Purchased paint and other materials for the beautification of the high school.

  • Paid for numerous scholarships for locals to participate in natural building, wilderness medicine and renewable energy workshops.


  • Raised over $1,000 for the regional Red Cross.

  • Picked up medical bills for numerous low-income individuals throughout our community.

  • Currently we act as the unofficial local medical aid station and provide a yearly free medical clinic.

  • Purchased new hearing aids for a local girl.


  • Built a shaded structure at the local soccer field.

  • Helped improve the soccer field in various capacities throughout our time in Mastatal.

  • Purchased a lawnmower for soccer field maintenance.

  • Helped fund the construction of new goals at the local soccer field.  

  • Purchased soccer balls for the high school.

Community Safety

  • Paid for numerous repairs and improvements at the local police station.

  • Paid for the phone and phone installation at the local police station.