You can make a difference. Whether you simply tell your friends and family about our project, make a contribution to the Mastate Charitable Foundation, or bring items from the wish list on your visit, you're participating in creating a better world.  



The Mastate Charitable Foundation was founded in 2004 to advance benevolent, educational, sustainable and scientific efforts in challenged areas in and around the Mastatal community and La Cangreja National Park. 

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Take a Class

Empower yourself with a new skill set. With world class teachers, nourishing food, and the tropical forest; there is no better place to learn.  Our workshops are specifically designed so that you can be the change you want to see in the world!  




Tell your friends and family about the wonderful happenings at the Ranch. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an ambassador of our work. Click on the icons below to connect with us.

Wish List

If you'd like to consider bringing a gift for the Ranch or the surrounding community, following is a list of ideas:

Mason jars (all sizes) with plastic lids
Good quality tupperware
Good quality binoculars (for local guides)
Soccer balls & Cleats (for local teams, school, kids)
A used but working food processer (like a Cuisinart)
Good quality kitchen knives
Garden/pruning shears
Mosquito nets (single point, double size)
Sheets, cotton (any size)
Whiteboard markers
Blank notebooks
Sharpie markers
120v & 12v LED lightbulbs, min. 60 Watt equivalent
Drill bit sets/indices
Tape measures
Chisels (any size)
Router bits
Adjustable squares
Dewalt 18 Volt batteries, Ni-Cd
Locking and other good quality pliers
Good quality, heavy duty extension cords