Video Library

Welcome to our modest video library. Over the years, we've accumulated a handful of videos and slideshows of our forest sanctuary and its amazing personalities. 

If you have any Flickr, YouTube or Vimeo content that you'd like added to this growing library of work, send us the URL, description, artistic credits, etc. and we'll post it.


Chair Portraits, by Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson, core team member of Rancho Mastatal, former Ranch intern and talented photographer loves to share her pictorial aptitude with Ranch guests during her yearly visits.  In this work of art, Rachel set out a wooden chair, set up her tripod, and allowed visitors and locals alike (including our dog Pico) one chance to do whatever they wanted in front of, to the side of, on, or with the chair before taking a shot. This is the beautiful and sometimes hilarious result".

March 30th, 2009 Rancho Mastatal Costa Rica

Life at the ranch slideshow

This is a wonderful slideshow made by Brian "Sparky" O'Rourke in 2006 about life at the Ranch. 

hope for the flowers

This song, written by Alan "Sucia" Smith and others and performed by Alan and Erin "Soupy' Campbell, is a tribute to Trina Paulus' famous book Hope for the Flowers.  The song was written in part for Sole and her generation. 

honey harvest

Honey harvest.

Diego Mejias Trailer

This trailer was produced by well-known photographer Diego Mejias.

A Man's World

This is a hilarious video showing the combined two century old, all male breakfast crew preparing the first meal of the day for a group of 40.  The time-lapse shows in 4 minutes what it took Maris, Dave, Sucia and Timo 2 hours to produce; an incredible, local, delicious, sustainable meal. 


Bonito - A Video

This is a short video made by volunteer Benji Zachariah.  Enjoy.  

tour of starboard cork

This tour of the structure named "Starboard Cork" at Rancho Mastatal is given by Alan Smith, one of the designers and builders of this amazing house where he lives for part of the year. 

Mastatal's Big Foot

This is an amazing short film by Brian "Sparky" O'Rourke about Mastatal's Big Foot. It was made in an effort to "roast" a departing renewable energy workshop group.  Minor profanity.

Trailer, Sole's Fable

Filmmaker Brian "Sparky" O'Rourke made this trailer for the upcoming film entitled "Sole's Fable".

Sustainable restaurant "tuanis"

Soledad and Sofia opening the latest sustainable restaurant' at the Ranch

Waddling Fool

This is a song written by Alan Smith, performed by his band The Porchistas, and inspired by Rancho Mastatal.

Timber frame raising

Skip and Lizabeth head up the raising of a bent at the Honey Hut, a timber frame structure at Rancho Mastatal.

Nellie's Mosaic

A wonderful slideshow featuring Nellie's amazing mosaic.

Canines and Canadians

This is a hilarious short film by Brian "Sparky" O'Rourke. It was made in an effort to "roast" some members of a departing renewable energy workshop group. There is a bit of profane language. 

Welcome to Rancho Mastatal

A five-second welcome to Rancho Mastatal. 

earth building course 2014

Earth Building Course Video from 2014

Biodigester tour

A little tour of Rancho Mastatal's award winning biodigester set up.

Informal Wattle and Daub Demo

This is Timo giving an informal wattle and daub demonstration to Rancho Mastatal interns at the Ranch's biodigester structure. 

Compost toilet harvest - humanure = human manure

In this episode of Dirty Jobs, Rancho Mastatal, the Rancho Crew is journeying beneath the compost toilet to harvest human manure that has been breaking down for one year. Humanure is a regenerative solution.

Birding Club slideshow of rancho mastatal

The Birding Club of Costa Rica's weekend trip to Rancho Mastatal.


If you've never experienced a tropical rainstorm in the rainforest, this will give you a sense of what it's like. Here's a short walk around the Main House porch on a wet afternoon at the Ranch.

Walk to the Hen House

A quick walk to the hen house.

Intern Orientation Spoof

This is a comedic orientation video for incoming Rancho Mastatal's interns created by Brian "Sparky" O'Rourke. This is required viewing for all interns. Hilarious.

The Plunge

This is one of the most popular swimming holes at Ranch Mastatal and as you'll see also provides an opportunity for those that like to jump from heights. We see Tom and his daughter Alana here taking the plunge.

Dona Maria

One of our closes friends, Doña Maria.

Frances' Slideshow

Here's a slideshow of a past intern's work in the gardens. 

Rancho Mastatal -- The Birth of a Food System

Zombies Video

This video was shot at Rancho Mastatal to Tyler See's original song "Zombies".

Naima from Climbing Poetree

Spoken word from Naima of Climbing Poetree at Rancho Mastatal

Poison dart frog

Poison Dart Frog, Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica

Hankey House Tour

Here's a quick little informal tour of the Hankey House.

Villanova Slideshow 2008

The primary focus of this annual service experience is to expose students to the rainforest and the importance of living in harmony with the environment and the local population. Rancho Mastatal employs hands on experiential learning techniques using the rainforest as the classroom. Students work with Ticos and the nearby Huetar Indians, an indigenous tribe located a few miles from Mastatal, to learn about cultural differences and to find peace in the rural setting and adjacent rainforest. 

Morning Tour, 2006

This is a morning tour of Rancho Mastatal by Hankey House architect and builder Rob Hankey from 2006. The quality's not great but it will give you a bit of an idea about what you'll find here. This was posted onto YouTube in March 2007.