Communal Living

Communal living is a large part of the Ranch experience for both those that live and visit here.  We eat, play, and work together daily and depend on one another for our basic needs.  We think that living in this manner results in a synergy that allows us to live more efficiently and happily.  There are certainly challenges that arise from this type of lifestyle and achieving a harmonious group dynamic takes work, patience, tolerance, understanding and a strong open communication ethic. By choosing to live in community we're inspired and encouraged to work together to find solutions to our social, environmental, economic and  project based problems and trials.  When living with others, finding balance in one's daily life can be a delicate dance that at times requires patience and practice.  For those able to achieve an equilibrium, the benefits of sharing resources and space can be a beautiful and empowering experience that may be able to help us to live in greater harmony with other humans and the planet.