Build Your Skills: 2017 Workshop Series

Our 2017 workshops exemplify the type of world we hope to shape. They train students to look at our landscapes, shelter, and food with a new perspective; one that honors ecology and craft, that promotes a sense of place in an often disconnected world. We hope you will join us for one of these powerful courses.

“When we choose the kind of nature we will live with, we are also choosing the kind of humans we will be. We shape the world and it shapes us in return.” from the Once and Future World by J.B. Mackinnon. The overall on site experience at The Ranch exemplifies the kind of world I want to shape and the kind of human I strive to be.
— Cydney Connor, April 2015 PDC
The experience changed our lives. I feel like now we have the tools to start building the life that we have always hoped for.
— Jaime & Rodrigo Campos