Samantha Olvera

I grew up in Colorado where I fostered a love of the outdoors and sports of all kinds. At Rice University in Houston, I studied Bioengineering with a focus on Global Health Technologies. This involved designing and prototyping medical devices that are suited to environments with limited resources. After graduating I moved to Malawi in southeast Africa and began working for the Rice 360° Institute for Global Health, implementing a country-wide scale up of a medical device for newborns. Over my few years in Malawi, it occurred to me that many of the challenges I faced in my work and daily experience --everything from health outcomes to electricity shortages-- could be traced back to environmental issues.  

Inspired by my new interest in sustainability and a lifelong desire to be outside as much as possible, I came to Rancho Mastatal to learn new hands-on skills. I hope to find my career niche at the intersection of my Hispanic roots, social justice, my engineering background, and sustainability. In my free time I enjoy trail running, acrobatic yoga, and pretty much any outdoor activity. When I’m not running around outside, I am most often buried in a book. I’m excited for a year of active learning and becoming a part of the Mastatal community.