Niles Fairman

A friend of nature, Niles Fairman exhibits a profound favor for ecological justice. He is often observed with his mates making weekly visitations to the pseudo-wilds of abandoned transient camps. This tight-knit gang of hearty, Eco-friendly, look-to-do volunteers descends with clearing power of locusts under the auspices of the well coordinated San Diego River Park Foundation. And this is no pleasure boat (though some of these warriors display the humors of a cruise vacationer). Often, volumes exceed a 8x8x20 tamped dumpster, thousands of pounds of flood fanned fancilessness are hauled up meandering trail systems by nobley lathered arms of retirees, haunting hypodermic paraphernalia lurk under leaf where the comparatively elegant rattlesnakes had at one time heralded, unnatural toxins make up the mayo and mustard of a nature sandwich. Thus the motley crew in myrmecophilous mindset march through the cross-crossing vectors of disintegrating, marginally civil detritus and shifting cavernous tunnels of thickening invasive coagulation and, as such have been recognized and awarded by the highest office of San Diego with the key to the city. Raise a glass, "Ching Ching!"