Kate Williams

Kate arrives at Rancho Mastatal with a deep curiosity and desire to gain the knowledge and skills to live a life aligned with her values. 

Prior to landing in Costa Rica Kate worked in the field of international development. Blending human centered design with the disciplines of sociology, psychology, and education theory, Kate designed and operationalized non-formal education and employment programs for youth, women and marginalized groups. Over the past 8 years, Kate has lived and worked with communities across Australaisa, South and South East Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, East Africa, and North and South America. In addition to working alongside both grass-roots and international NGOs, in 2013 Kate also founded an Australian based not-for-profit, The Global Women’s Project. 

Kate’s long term ambition is to create a project-model property in Kalavan, a mountain village in Armenia that she co-owns with 6 Armenian and diasporan women. Through her apprenticeship, Kate hopes to be better equipped to work alongside the Kalavan community to find ways to build equitable eco-systems, strengthen food-systems, and revive local community through profitable small-holder farming enterprises.

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Kate considers herself a feminist, a part-time Philomath, a contrarian, a pursuer of improbable ideas, and an apprentice to the art of asking questions. Central to her core being is the love of adventure, appreciation of wilderness, and searching for new frontiers.

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