Matthew Livingston

Hi, my name's Matt Livingston. I'm 26 years old and I come from the UK/South Africa, although I don't really feel "from" anywhere in particular as I've moved around a lot and am quite used to change!

Not too long ago I was a software engineer working for a top tech firm in London, and I've recently started my transition away from that world (at least for now) via a masters degree in Environmental Sustainability at the University of Edinburgh. My primary motivation for this shift was the disconnect I felt between what I was contributing to and what some of the world's major issues are - I am aiming to find more alignment between my values, work and way of life and Rancho Mastatal seems to be a rife source of inspiration for this journey. 

My main goals for this year are to develop my practical skills alongside my theoretical knowledge, as well as good lifestyle habits to be an effective and happy human being. I'm particularly interested in Permaculture, woodworking, Regenerative Agriculture and other solutions aiming to reverse climate change and strengthen local communities, we well as for the health and enjoyment of those who practice them!

I also enjoy birdwatching, hiking, practicing yoga and reading, amongst many other things... variety is the spice of life. I hope to share as much as I am able about my experience at and mattliving on Instagram. Cheers!