My name is Mathew Pattillo, and I am a real human being with 25 years of experience living on Planet Mother Earth.

In that time, I've grown to love the Earth above all else, through experiences hiking, camping, and backpacking. I studied environmental science at Duke University, and have worked in the construction industry as a project manager since graduating in 2017. While this has been mentally stimulating, I've felt a tugging from the heart to pursue work more in line with my passion for the health and future of our Planet.

My journey to El Rancho Mastatal represents a shift in my path back towards the Earth, and what feels like the beginning of a great journey, to learn how to build, grow, and maintain a community that works with, and thrives with, the Earth, rather than exploits it. I hope to someday start my own community for sustainable living, and help to build others all over the USA and the world.

I have a lot of hope for the future of the world when I'm surrounding by those working to build that future, and am extremely excited and grateful for places like El Rancho Mastatal.

You might also like to know that in my free time, I love to draw, paint, take photographs, and make music, as well as crack jokes and tell stories to anyone who will listen. I love the beach, the mountains, and the full moon, and you can challenge me to a dance off anytime. I also love to wrestle and grapple, and play “futbol” or frisbee on a nice sunny day. My favorite dessert is a Brownie Sundae, although Frozen Key Lime Pie has made a strong comeback this year.

Trivia Games and/or Karaoke Night tremble before me, and I can play video or board games long past a healthy bed time. Finally, you should know that I'm very much an Empath, so if you've got something you need to get off your chest, I'm here for you with open ears and a warm hug.

If you'd like to know more, check out my visual diary on Instagram @datmatpat , or email me directly at Genuine human connection makes me happier than anything else!