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Léon Couturier

Leon is a young adventure ecologist with an entrepreneurship degree. He discovered permaculture in 2015 and it changed his life. He loves nature and life.  Every time that he sees destruction or an animal go extinct by human development, he suffers and wants to do something to stop it.

Leon imagines a way of living with balance between animals, nature and humans. When he found permaculture he was able to answer all his questions and doubts about the way we have been developing in the planet and how we can change it. He believes that all change starts with ourselves.

He doesn’t believe in the system.  He wants to be part of a change where we can apply permaculture and interact with nature in a harmonious way.

Prior to coming to Mastatal he was living in a sustainable community called Los Guayabos at Guadalajara Jalisco.

Leon took the Rex 5 at Sierra Gorda, a PDC at East End Eden and participated in a Sustainable Living Tour in California in 2016.  His next stop is Rancho Mastatal.

He loves to play ultimate Frisbee, learn new things, cook, sharing with others, and getting to know new people.