Juan Gonazalez

Hi, I’m Juan, I’m an anthropologist from Bogotá, Colombia, where I spend most of my time working with indigenous communities in projects related to intercultural health systems, food security and ecosystem management. I’ve always been passionate about understanding the relationship between people and nature and I’m interested in helping communities learn from each other and make decisions that contribute to the wellbeing of their families and the ecosystems they depend on.

I hope that the experience of being an apprentice at Rancho Mastatal allows me to have a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities for living sustainably that are available today, so that eventually I’ll be able to adapt them for myself and others in a way that promotes ways of life that are more respectful of people and nature. I love growing plants, trying new foods and taking long hikes in the forest, so I’m looking forward to exploring Mastatal and learning as much as I can from the jungles and people of Costa Rica.