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Connor Harron

Connor Harron was born on a small organic farm in the heart of Cascadia (Pacific Northwest) USA. Although currently working on his PhD at the University of California-Irvine in Social Ecology, Connor has spent much of his adult life living abroad, working as a farm hand, cook, bartender, and activist in countries around the world. He is a lover of all things outdoors. Whether it is hiking or backpacking, mountain biking or bike touring, diving or surfing, Frisbee or slackline, Connor is always ready for an adventure or just goofing around.

Connor first fell in love with Costa Rica in 2010 while studying tropical conservation as part of an 8-week immersion service-learning program through Western Washington University. He has been seeking ways to make it back ever since. Today, Connor’s work focuses on better understanding the potential for permaculture to help rebuild local food sheds and on utilizing sustainable agricultural practices to empower vulnerable communities with the skills needed to meet their nutritional and economics needs.

He envisions permaculture practices and biodynamic farming as potential pathways out of severe poverty for the over 500 million small farmers struggling to make ends meet around the world. Connor plans to help the ranch wherever needed and to learn as much as possible about homesteading and sustainable living during his time in Costa Rica. He plans to take the knowledge gained and incorporate it into the sustainable garden education programs he is currently supporting in California, Mexico, Uganda, and Swaziland.

If he’s not rummaging around in the garden, Connor can be found playing a game of ultimate Frisbee, cooking/fermenting the local produce, enjoying a fresh pot of coffee, or organizing the crew for a weekend adventure.