Diana Dagash 

My name is Diana, i was born in Israel.

Since the age of 5 i was traveling with my family, we lived in Canada,Ukraine,Poland and Holand and did roadtrips to many other other countries. We lived an adventurous lifestyle, camping out in the wilderness, exploring the beauties of the world.

Since i remember myself i loved adventures, nature and the plants . I feel that is is embeded in me to keep traveling since i finished high school for the past 5 years Ive been backpacking, hitchhiking, staying open to spontanious connections with indigenous tribes and local healers that opened their doors to me to stay with them , learn from from their living and healing traditions. I have been learning from my grandmother who is a herbalist and self sufficient homesteader herself.

Seeing various tribes loose their ability to sustain themselves, trying to keep up with modernization, i felt a strong urge to learn how we could live in a way that everyones basic needs for clean water, food and shelter are met and sustained in harmony with nature. As well as to preserve the ancient knowlegde and traditions that reconnect us to nature and provides understanding of our responsibilities as humans on Earth.

I am passionate about plant medicine, healthy living , creating a space for education on sustainable living.

That's why chose to live in Rancho Mastatal doing the year long apprenticeship to learn all the essential skills for these matters

I am looking forward to have a educationally transforming year in Rancho Mastatal, to continue self discovery of my passions and learn how to bring benefit to the environment with the skills that I'll learn.