Benjamin Behrend 

It has always been a dream to dive deep into the Permaculture Flower with all the sustainable systems and ideology that Rancho Mastatal encompasses. Having such a facility and faculty on hand creates opportunities always hoped for. In the past I’ve put a toe or foot into some of these skill sets, yet often doing so in short spurts of time along with limited guidance in work/trade situations. This lead to a wide range of experiences. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a BA in English Literature, I’ve had the opportunity of weaving travel and farm life in the last eight years, being colorful and fruitful in many ways. I come from the land of cheese, also known as Wisconsin, growing up and living there until 2010. It’s not easy being cheesy. I definitely cherish all the love and compassion my family embodies with supportive, kind, caring parents, along with two amazing brothers. Music has always played a big part in my life and I enjoy a wide spectrum of it from all over the world. Music, a universal language that can be shared across the globe brings people together in somewhat similar nature as food does. I love all walks of life, to hear people’s stories, ambitions, dreams, beliefs, new discoveries, and innovative ideas. To share simple pleasures such as a smile and a sunset, admiring what surrounds us, taking into account the small details while musing over the big picture. I love the vast variety of artists whose expressions give unique scope, altering perceptions and emotions whether it be writing, painting, music, movies etc. Really just about anything done outside away from the concrete jungle makes me a happy camper.