Abby Kuchar 

I have been drawn to the permaculture mindset for a long time now. In high school, I discovered the concept of permaculture when writing a thesis paper on small-scale agriculture. This idea of living a lifestyle in harmony with other natural systems felt highly intuitive and excited me. I pursued this interest and worked with different smalls farms in my area. While those experiences were valuable and educational, I was frustrated with the conventional practices. I did not yet have the experience or language to explain that there was a better way. While attending University, I curated my education to include both a Fine Arts degree and a strong foundation in environmental science and sustainable food systems. By exploring these different fields concurrently, I gained skills in conveying complex environmental issues visually and the core tenants of good design. My junior year, I was appointed Assistant Manager of the five-acre permaculture farm on my campus. This position allowed me the autonomy to look at the land in a creative way and cemented my commitment to this design theory.

Additionally, I have a deep appreciation and passion for all things hand-crafted and homemade. I enjoying growing my own food, fermenting fruits and vegetables, making medicinal teas and tinctures, crocheting and dyeing fibers, weaving baskets, and foraging for wild foods. In general, I enjoy working with my hands and creating. While I do have farming experience, I feel as though my greatest asset to the Ranch will be my creativity and sense of intentional design.