Soledad María was born in Costa Rica on June 2, 2008 just after an unseasonable storm wiped out all of the roads into and out of Mastatal. She's made amazing contributions to both our projects and lives in the short time she's been with us. She grew up diaper free and speaks both Spanish and English fluently. She brings a breath of fresh air to every day and much to the chagrin of many local women, loves peeing in the grass. Her first word was "agua" and she seems to have a knack for finding fire ant piles. She was the first of four local kids born in June and July of 2008 and is part of the local elementary school's largest incoming class in years. Her nicknames include "The Nug" (prior to her birth), "Sol", "Dodgy" and most commonly "Solé" (pronounced Solay). She loves to run around with her friends, work in the garden and eat avocados.