Dorothy farrell

Dorothy is a young ecologist, yogi, and budding artist. During the summer before her junior year at University, she stumbled across the term "permaculture" and was immediately hooked. Finding her stride in chaos's opportunities, Dorothy proceeded to work in agriculture at BU Acres Farm, ZigZag Farm in Oregon, and finally Rancho Mastatal. With a degree in ecological sciences, and an unbridled curiosity for the natural world, Dorothy plans to use the principles of ecosystems and humanity's need for resources to facilitate stronger, more beneficial relationships between the two. At Rancho Mastatal, she is delving into the science, study, and practice of apiculture with both African Honeybees and stingless bees. The 2016 honey harvest is sure to reflect a plethora of newly planted Asteraceae and Meliaceae-- if proof can indeed be found in the flavor. If she's not hanging out with bees, Dorothy can be found playing ultimate frisbee, painting, free-styling, or running the trails of La Cangreja.