Alex joined the Ranch team in 2002 after returning from years working in a factory in the city of San Jose.  He was happy to return to the small town where he was born and raised and has thrived ever since.  He's gone from swinging a machete to deftly handling any power or hand tool in his possession.  He's become a skilled carpenter, mason, electrician, and builder and is the leading resource on the growing number of renewable energy systems in the community and at the Ranch.  He's an amazingly quick learner and wants to know how to do everything.  He built his own house in 2007 and is as comfortable in the forest and in the fields as he is in the workshop.  In 2009 he received a full scholarship to intern with Renewable Reality on Guemes Island in Washington State.  Alex is the loving father of his son Kendal and one of the hotshots and the captain of the local soccer team.  And like many in the region, a skilled farmer having grown up working the fields.