Merchants Links

Rancho Mastatal has forged connections around the world with people and organizations that in some way speak to our core values.  This links section connects you to some of these folks.  As the number of our relationships has increased, we found the need to break down these pages in to these easier to navigate categories.  

This section represents people and companies whose products are in-sync with Rancho Mastatal's core values.  Values such as the support of local economies, the use of local or natural materials, a commitment to social justice and the environment, a dedication to an equitable world, and compassion for all living creatures.

Clif Bar has helped the community of Mastatal a great deal over the years.

Nourish - Responsibly sourced, respectfully priced. Eat well, live well - it's hard to do one without the other. At nourish, we believe that eating whole foods made fresh daily plays an important role in good health. We believe that living well means finding meaningful work, being physically active and giving back to our communities with our time, talents and resources. So work hard, get some exercise, volunteer for something you care about, and we'll be here to help you eat well when you get hungry.

The Green Man & Van is owned and operated by our friend Rich.  It is an environmentally aware and socially responsible removal and logistics company based in London and Brighton. Their aim is to offer friendly and reliable services that have minimal impact on the environment.

Liberty Graphics has provided the Ranch with its organic t-shirts for years.

The Bamboo Directory - Guadua Bamboo Costa Rica is specialized in the largest and most economically important bamboo of the Americas: Guadua angustifolia.

We operate Guadua bamboo nurseries in Costa Rica and provide consultancy for bamboo plantation investorsand start up companies in Central America.

Kavu has been a friend of Rancho Mastatal since its inception and has kindly provided the residents of Mastatal and Ranch interns and volunteers with clothes for years.

Quantum Light Healthcare - Dr. Kat Halloran's practice is located in North Bend, Washington (near Seattle.) She offers in person and telephone consultations, as well as seminars. Dr. Kat accepts most health insurances.

Mad River Valley Localvore Project - Celebrating and supporting local food in the Mad River Valley - those who eat it and those who grow it - through education, community connections, and collective wisdom.

Whole Systems Design - Sustainable design, site development, permaculture. Solar infrastructure for the post oil age. Vermont regenerative design build.

BambuesWorks is a company dedicated to construction, decoration, training, and remodeling works, on a national and international level; it is specialized in bamboo and plantation woods, as well as in high quality alternative products, within a sustainable development frame and natural architecture.

Michael Schiesser - Dr. Schiesser's approach draws from his training in Internal Medicine, and the Biopsychosocial model originally developed at the University of Rochester.

Rebar Modern Food - Since 1989, rebar has been serving up the freshest, funkiest and healthiest food on the West Coast. Located in Victoria’s historic Bastion Square, rebar is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. Check out our weekly menu specials. Our fresh juice bar offers an extensive list of vegetable and fruit juices, smoothies and super-nutritious wheatgrass concoctions all made right before your eyes!

unu life - inspiring appreciation of our physical surroundings. Through the physical and conceptual deconstruction of our surroundings and exploring the relationships we have with them, unu life hopes to highlight this inherent value. The most complicated objects can be broken into simple forms and the simplest forms can be broken into very complicated concepts. Understanding this deconstruction and appreciating these complexities can infuse the objects around us with an additional value they did not possess before. 

Maggie's Functional Organics has been manufacturing clothing apparel made from organic fibers for years. Our products are made from certified organic cotton, wool, and linen and pesticide-free hemp.

Rosewood Art - original photo-pastel artwork by Delfino Cornali, friend & supporter and webmaster for