Ali Ostergard first came to the Ranch in 2014 to take part in the apprenticeship program. She graduated from Fort Lewis College with a degree in Sociology and was seeking an opportunity to live and work in a community. After enjoying her initial stay at the Ranch she chose to return and continue building a life in Mastatal. Ali is the Apprentice Coordinator at the Ranch, helping to lead up work parties, acting as a liaison between the core team and apprentices, and providing support for the apprentice crew. She enjoys getting her hands in a little bit of everything, and is commonly found giving our old buildings a ‘face lift’ with her cob and plastering art work, getting dirty out in the fields, brewing ‘hooch,’ practicing her timber framing skills, and of course running around after the frisbee. She loves the variety of things to learn and do at the Ranch, the community of people here, the food, and the model of sustainability the project cultivates.