Junior has been with the Ranch for as long as it's been around. He's a talented carpenter and landscaper and one of Mastatal's most popular guides. He knows the forests as well as any young adult in our region and loves taking visitors to the area to see hidden waterfalls, enormous trees and the incredible views from atop Cerro Cangreja. He's a true rainforest ambassador, spending much of his time teaching guests about the fragility and magnificence of the environment in which he's grown up. 

He is one of the stars of the local soccer team and in a different situation would be playing in the upper echelons of the sport in Costa Rica. He's a dedicated brother and uncle and rarely walks about without an enormous smile plastered to his face. He lights up any room that he walks into and is an exceedingly talented dancer and dance teacher, his favorite styles being salsa and merengue. Junior's also a proficient farmer (having worked in the fields ever since he could walk), jewelry maker (from local seeds) and runs his own small guiding business.