Chepo has been with the Ranch since its inception and knows the Ranch property more intimately than anyone on Earth.  He was born on the Zapaton Indigenous Reserve before moving down the road to San Miguel and finally to Mastatal where he's lived with his wife and family for the past many decades.  He's been an invaluable resource and friend without who's help the Ranch would not be possible.  Chepo's been the president of Mastatal's local government multiple times and currently serves as its vice-president.  

He is also the owner, along with the Ranch's close friend and his wife Lily, of Soda Paso de Las Lapas, Mastatal's first ever restaurant/cafe.  Chepo's a lifelong and talented farmer producing an abundance of corn, beans, banana, plantains and rice for his family and the Ranch every year.  He's an endless source of information and entertainment and knows the flora and fauna in the surrounding forests as well as anyone.  He's a true community leader, caring father and grandfather, successful entrepreneur, talented guide, able caretaker and in many ways the heart of the Ranch.  Chepo wields a mean machete and loves to walk in the woods at night.  And although retired from the local soccer team, he can still hold his own during an afternoon mejenga.  Sole calls him abuelo.