Below is all of the information regarding our new Chemistry of Sustainability  educational module that we have been developing.  Our goal is to bring 14+ aged students to the ranch to learn about real life chemistry.  We want to work with schools and trip coordinators to develop a program that will meet the needs of their students.  We are able to adapt this curriculum as necessary and include other types of education.  For more information about the types of educational experiences we off please see our Bring a Group page.

Permaculture&Chemistry flower  w text.PNG

The following curriculum was designed to draw on the rich experiential learning opportunities offered here at Rancho Mastatal (those shown in the boxes). They have been selected for their relevance to both sustainable living and the Chemistry curriculum, (both IGCSE and IB). 

The lobes of the flower illustrate the 7 key topics of Chemistry that incorporate these experiences. The centre represents the carbon and sustainability themes that spiral throughout the topics. This illustrates the cumulative journey taken through the curriculum, where each topic builds on the knowledge gain in the previous one and the explicit overlaps incorporated.

The flower diagram is adapted from David Holgrems’ ‘Permaculture principals and pathways’. Illustrating the backdrop and context to the curriculum at the ranch, where permaculture ideals are embedded in the culture and facilitates its quest for living sustainably. 

Key summary points

·        Spiral learning curriculum with the ‘chemistry of carbon’ as the running theme- particularity to formula

·        During every topic the role of carbon will be considered in its wider context of sustainability

·        Each topic will visit multiple real life applications (at the ranch and beyond) and will involve a practical or demonstration.

·        Every lesson draws on one or more previous topics (highlighted in the syllabus in the relevant colours).

·        Flexible open to being tailored, on the basis of topic, practical and assessment style.


Basic lesson outline

Starter --> review
 Review of what they know, through games and discussions

Main body -->  learning
- lesson on what they need to know about the topic, taking notes.
-Practical aspect, demonstration or walk while giving ideas and informationa about wider context

Discussion -->  consolidating and broadening
-discussion on the relevance of this chemistry/science knowledge with in the wider context of sustainability
-how it could be improved/ where the trade offs are.

Plenary --> checking understanding
- quick quizzes


For more in depth information the following documents can be downloaded

Download the curriculum & introduction

Download the syllabus

Download a sample lesson plan


For more information about prices and  how to book a trip to Rancho Mastatal for your students please contact us!