We are pioneering the concept of nested micro-enterprises at the Ranch.  With Rancho Mastatal as the umbrella organization, our Core Team has established a series of small business which are autonomous and interconnected.  The idea is that each business provides an opportunity for independent decision making and financial risk and reward. The end goal is to generate an additional income to support individuals on our team.  Simultaneously a new service or product is created which complements the greater Ranch mission and current programs and services.  

A visitor might come for a workshop on tropical plants and enjoy our options of local teas, both part of the Ranch education and hospitality programs.  Complementing these services they could purchase dried teas from our store, buy the plants from our nursery to grow their own, and even hire our permaculture consultants to design and install a tea garden on their property. We consider this a win-win-win benefiting all parties

Current micro-enterprises include: